Odsherred is located in the far northwest corner of Zealand. The current running here has created deep water close to the shore - deep water which holds big seatrouts, flatfish, mackerel and a history of Bluefin tuna.

The surroundings of Wolin Island are ideal angling areas for sea trout - especially from the beach and shallow water.

Situated in the outermost, north-eastern part of Germany, the isle of Rügen is surrounded by the Baltic Sea and traversed by numerous brackish lagoons. Find out more about its fantastic fishing spots!

Surrounded by water, it is always possible to find a good fishing spot. Find the best fishing spots and get all the practical information before setting off on your fishing trip!

The Curonian Spit is a narrow peninsula between two different waters. Here, anglers can fish not only during summer, but also in winter, when the ice-fishing season begins and smelt are biting in great quantities.

Szczecin Lagoon is the biggest inland water body in Poland. As an estuary and migration corridor to the Odra river, the Lagoon is one of the richest angling waters in Poland. Here anglers can find the biggest perch, pike, giant catfish and a lot of other species.

With its varied shores, the coast of Mecklenburg offers great spots for a lot of different fish species and fishing techniques. Click below to find information about promising spots, target species and local characteristics.

The Nemunas Delta is an angling paradise in the Curonian Lagoon and offers a huge choice of angling activities and beautiful nature.

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Welcome to Fishing South Baltic!

Year round, great fishing experiences are possible along the coastal shores of the southern Baltic Sea – no matter if you’re on your own or with family or friends. Our intention with this website is to provide you with all the information needed for you to plan a trip to the area, regardless of previous experience.

This website is dedicated to visiting anglers and it contains relevant information for upcoming visits. Click the map below to access the best fishing spots, lodging alternatives, fishing guides, boat rental services and more.

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