Baltic Coast of Mecklenburg

Fishing Spots

The coastal waters of Mecklenburg offer great spots for surfcasting and wading, but for fishing with a float tube or kayak too. You can also fish from the sea bridges of the Baltic seaside resorts or rent a boat for your fishing trip. All the fishing spots and opportunities can be found on our map.


Suitable accommodation for a trip to the coast of Mecklenburg can be found on our map. If you are in the area, it is always a good idea to visit a local tackle shop. In addition to gear and fishing permits, you can get up-to-date information about the area from local anglers. It might be useful to contact a fishing guide for more details about promising spots, gear and techniques depending on the season, weather and local conditions. If you prefer not to go wading or surfcasting, there are slipways for your boat and local boat rentals around the area.

Angling seasons/closed seasons

The coast of Mecklenburg is great for recreational fishing nearly all year round. Fishing for sea trout is most promising in winter and spring – but be aware of the closed season for sea trout in local coastal waters (15 September to 14 December). In March and April, huge numbers of herring migrate to the coastal waters, and from the end of April until June garfish are on site. In summer, mackerel can be caught in this area. Autumn is a great time to catch big herring and also for surfcasting for cod and flatfish like flounder, dab and plaice. However, cod can also be caught in the area all year round, whether you are surfcasting, wading or fishing from a kayak or small boat. If you are fishing for cod, note there is a bag limit of three fish in February and March and five fish during the rest of the year. For more information about bag limits and closed seasons, click here.

Check current regulations concerning closed seasons and bag limits at

Angling techniques

The area offers many great spots for spin or fly fishing, but also for surfcasting and trolling, depending on your target species and favourite fishing method. Read more about angling techniques and gear here.

Fish species

The coastal waters around Mecklenburg are perfect for fishing for a variety of species, such as sea trout, salmon, cod, whiting and flatfish. Depending on the season, species such as garfish, herring and mackerel, as well as fish from the North Sea like pollack, can also be caught in this area. Here you can find more information about fish species.

Rules and regulations

To maintain the fish stocks and the great opportunities for recreational fishing around Mecklenburg, there are certain restrictions concerning closed seasons, minimum sizes and bag limits. There are additional regulations for fishing from sea bridges and for trolling. Read more about rules and regulations for fishing in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania here.

Please check current regulations at and

Fishing license

If you want to go fishing in this area, you need a valid fishing license and a fishing permit for the coastal waters of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. You can find more information on the required licenses and their purchase here or at:

Fishing permits are available online at: or

Other things to see when you visit the region

Besides recreational fishing, the coastal area of Mecklenburg offers great opportunities to take part in other water sports, to experience the local natural environment, or to take interesting city trips to old Hanseatic towns.

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