Fishing Spots

This long, pointed natural area offers some of the most diverse fishing opportunities in Denmark. The transition from shallow to deep waters attracts a range of different fish species. Local anglers from the area have pointed out their best fishing spots on our map. When choosing a spot, take winds into consideration when deciding whether to go north or south of the respective point.


Odsherred offers everything from nice hotels to holiday homes in all price ranges. You will find all relevant accommodation on our map.

When coming to a new area, it is always hard to figure out what the fish eat and where they are located at the moment. A guide can provide you with valuable information when you kick off your fishing trip. You can find all the local fishing guides right here. Tour boats are also a great option that enable you to get out on the ocean for a very decent price. Here you can fish for mackerel, flatfish or garfish. You can find tour boats in the harbours of Rørvig and Havnebyen.

Angling seasons/closed seasons

TextFishing is possible all year round. The best season for garfish starts in April and typically runs until June. The summer is the prime time for mackerel, which come to feed in the deep waters close to Odsherred. The main seasons for sea trout are from March to May and again from August to October. You can also experience truly unimaginable fishing during summer nights, when sea trout come close to the shore. When fishing for sea trout, note that spawning sea trout and coloured sea trout are protected from 16 November to 15 January. If you catch a coloured sea trout in this period, it should be released carefully. You can read more about conservation dates here and about how to handle and release fish here. Additionally, there are certain areas that are completely or periodically protected in order to conserve migratory sea trout populations. These areas can be studied in detail here.

Angling techniques

textRegular spinning gear is most commonly used when fishing in Odsherred. Fly fishing is also very popular. You can read more about using the right gear here.

Fish species

texDue to its unique shape and deep waters, Odsherred is a great location for mackerel, flatfish, sea trout and garfish. More information about the different fish species can be found here.

Rules and regulations

When fishing in Denmark, it is important to know the minimum size of each species. These rules are established to protect the fish population in Danish waters. If you catch a fish under the minimum size, you have to release it. Read more about proper catch and release techniques here.

You can find general rules and regulations for fishing in Denmark here.

Fishing license

If you are between 18 and 65, you need a state fishing licence, no matter whether for fresh water or salt water. You can buy a fishing permit online: http://www.fisketegn.dk/

Other things to see when you visit the region

Historically, Odsherred was well known for fishing big bluefin tuna, but also as a welcoming and quiet part of Denmark. For other things to do besides fishing, you can visit the local tourist agency or have a look at its website: www.visitodsherred.dk