The coastal lagoons around Rügen are great for catching pike and pikeperch

Fishing Spots

TWhether you prefer to fish from the coast, within the brackish lagoons or directly on the Baltic Sea, there are many excellent fishing opportunities along the diverse coastline of Rügen. Depending on whether you want to fish for pike, pikeperch, perch, salmon or sea trout, visit our map to find a suitable fishing spot.


The island of Rügen offers good accommodation for anglers. Check out the relevant accommodation and camping grounds for recreational anglers on our map. If you need additional gear or a fishing permit, visit one of the local tackle shops. Due to varying local regulations regarding boating and recreational fishing within the waters around Rügen, it is also a good recommendation to get the required information at a tackle shop or to join a guided tour with an experienced local fishing guide. Contact details of fishing guides are available on our map. Alternatively, suitable boats for your individual fishing trip can be chartered at one of the boat rentals.

Angling seasons/closed seasons

The Baltic Sea around Rügen is great for fishing salmon and sea trout. The peak season lasts from March until mid-May. Depending on the weather conditions and water temperatures, fishing for salmonids can also be promising in winter, especially after the end of the closed season for salmon and sea trout (15 September to 14 December within the coastal waters). In March and April herring migrate to the coastal waters, and from the end of April until June garfish are in the area. Due to the low salinity of the coastal lagoons, fishing for perch, pikeperch and pike can be awesome in summer and autumn – but you need to take the closed seasons for pike (1 March to 30 April) and pikeperch (23 April to 22 May) into account. Rügen is also promising for fishing for cod. If you prefer fishing directly from the coast, autumn is often the best time because the fish migrate to the shallower areas. During the closed season for cod in February and March, a bag limit of three fish per day exists (five cod per day during the rest of the year). For further information about closed seasons, click here.

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Angling techniques

The coastal waters around Rügen are great for trolling and for spin fishing from small boats, float tubes, kayaks or directly from the coast. You can find more information on angling techniques here.

Fish species

Remarkable salmon and sea trout can be caught within the waters around Rügen. In addition to varieties of fish that are typical in the Baltic Sea, like herring, garfish and cod, the coastal lagoons offer fantastic angling spots for perch, pike and pikeperch. For more information about fish species, click here.

Rules and regulations

In addition to the general rules and regulations concerning recreational fishing within Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (like closed seasons, minimum sizes and bag limits), special restrictions concerning fishing and boating exist for the coastal waters around the isle of Rügen.

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Fishing license

If you want to go fishing on the Baltic Sea around Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, you need a valid fishing licence and a fishing permit for the coastal waters. Find more information about fishing licences, permits and their purchase here or at

Fishing permits are available online at or

Other things to see when you visit the region

Rügen offers many opportunities for visitors. You can visit the famous chalk cliffs, national parks and various cultural events, or you can take a ride on an old steam locomotive or go by ferry to the calmer and car-free neighbouring island of Hiddensee.

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