The Szczecin Lagoon near Stepnica – site of pike, perch and cat fish

Fishing Spots

Szczecin Lagoon near Stepnica is a diverse area in terms of nature. When angling, take advantage of tips from local anglers. You can find detailed information at the Stepnica Tourist Organization, Oder Delta Safari, the Arapaima Fishing Center (Jacek Kaczmarczyk) or at the NEMO angling shop (Andrzej Sitarski, Karol Jędrej). The possibilities for renting boats are quite limited, so you should have your own floating equipment. Before the expedition it is necessary to check the weather forecast, as weather conditions can vary in the different parts of the lagoon. Still, there are many calm and remote areas and you will find opportunities for angling in almost every weather condition.


Finding suitable accommodation is no problem in the region. There are several hotels open to anglers, as well as numerous ‘agro-tourism’ places around the lagoon. If you need help to find the best place to stay, if you are looking for a guide or if you need advice on where to rent proper equipment, contact the Stepnica Tourist Organization, Oder Delta Safari, the Arapaima Fishing Center (Jacek Kaczmarczyk) or the NEMO angling shop (Andrzej Sitarski, Karol Jędrej). We particularly recommend the Panorama Tavern in Stepnica, the marina in Trzebież, Nowe Warpno and other villages near to the city of Swinoujscie or next to lake Dąbie. It does not matter what type of fishing you prefer, guides will help you to find the best place for fly fishing, spinning, trolling and others.

Angling seasons/closed seasons

You can find interesting fish species all year round. Some of them appear only periodically and some are subject to periodic protection. Especially interesting are the early spring and autumn (if weather conditions are acceptable). In these periods large pike may be found, often exceeding 1 m. In summer, salmon and sea trout migrate through this area, but finding them without good knowledge of the water is not easy. Thus, it is worth hiring a fishing guide. The same goes for catfish, which have their favourite spots. Among the fishing guides, some may confirm catches exceeding 2 m in length. For this species special equipment is required. Lovers of quiet angling combined with the contemplation of nature will be especially happy in the summer, when the lagoon waters are full of different species, such as big perch, many species of white fish and large asp, which may be caught by trolling, spinning and fly fishing. In the near future, Atlantic sturgeon, which has been restocked in the Odra basin since 2006, will be ready to migrate up the Odra river. Sturgeon will become an important part of the angling species in the lagoon, at up to 0.5 m. This species is under full protection, and after it is caught, measured and recorded via fish tag, it must be released back to the water.

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Angling techniques

The lagoon does not exclude any of the angling techniques, but of course specific methods apply for specific species. Pike, for example, is caught by spinning and trolling. Speaking of trolling, it is recommended to use large bait of over 20 cm. Larger bait should be used if you are looking for catfish. Local anglers use smaller bait for asps, although they can hang on bigger bait as well. Fly fishing requires a boat or belly boat in windy conditions. Angling from the water (in waders) is possible on some sections of the coast, and here also fly-fishing anglers will find some interesting species. A special experience is angling ide and asp in summer in the shallows near Kopice and Czarnocin, although it is essential that there is no wind.

Fish species

During the year it is worthwhile considering the following:

  • Winter – if there is ice cover, perch
  • Spring (up to April) – pike
  • April, May and June – protection of most species of spring spawn; possibility of finding sea trout migrating around the estuary, depending on regulations (there are 500 m protection zones)
  • July and August – in shallow waters ide, asp, perch and catfish in selected areas, especially in Police, Świeta and Domiąż
  • September to November – pike, perch, asp
  • In bad weather you can visit the rivers nearby – Ina and Gowienica, for sea trout, brown trout and grayling.

Rules and regulations

The vast majority of waters are subject to the jurisdiction of the Regional Fisheries Inspectorate (OIRM) in Szczecin. There are also announcements about the rules for seasonal protection. OIRM inspectors, the Border Guard and the police make checks. You will find the rules for fishing on the OIRM website. Rivers from the estuary are supervised by the Polish Angling Association (Szczecin district). Angling areas and vessels might be controlled by both the national and voluntary fishing guard, the police and the forest guard in forest areas.

Fishing license

On the OIRM website you can find information about angling fees for marine waters (this is different to licences for angling on lakes or rivers, which are controlled by the inland water owner, mostly the Polish Angling Association or PZW). You can purchase the licences on the internet.


For 1 week – 30,00 pln
For 1 month – 70,00 pln
For 12 months – 140,00 pln

Other things to see when you visit the region

Apart from angling, wildlife watching is popular in the area of the Szczecin Lagoon. This activity is organized by Oder Delta Safaris: