Angling Techniques – Lithuania

Klaipėda region offers a variety of angling methods ranging from spin fishing, trolling, float fishing, ledgering and fishing with floating handlines from a boat to methods of shore fishing, such as spin fishing, fly fishing and float fishing.

One can also go ice fishing in the winter using angling spoons/flies, fishing jigs or mugs (tip-up fishing). If you are aiming for zander, jigging with soft lures is probably the most effective method, but sometimes when the zander are picky, trolling with wobbler or crank baits can do the trick.

The most popular fishing technique to catch bream, roach and silver bream is the feeder and less popularly the float fishing method. Ice fishing is very popular in lakes or ponds and it is possible mostly only on the lower reaches of some rivers. When ice fishing anglers use lures for vertical jigging or just a hook with live bait. During winter on the Curonian Lagoon, to catch smelt (Osmerus eperlanus) it is ideal to use small pieces of carp, roach or smelt itself (a local technique).  For brown trout or grayling, when fishing in a cold-water stream spinning and fly fishing are usually used. At the Baltic Sea you can fish on the sea with a boat (trolling, jigging techniques) or surfcasting from the coast.